Our Story

SocialIce was born on a hot day in Texas. Infusing wine and fruit into one consumable product gave way to SocialIce Ice Pops.

From the beginning, we knew that providing an all natural, chemical free product was what we were going to do; but we did not want to stop with just that. The importance of supporting small business and Texas products was well known to us and something we aimed to incorporate in our production process. After creating relationships with a Texas Winery and a few farmers at the Farmers Market in the DFW area, SocialIce opened shop and made its first public appearance at the State Fair of Texas in 2011.

SocialIce can be found participating at music, art, and food festivals, as well as running, charity, and non-profit events. Weddings, corporate events, pool parties, beach parties, house parties, small gatherings, and personal enjoyment are also where SocialIce can be found. By simply placing an order from our site, we can deliver our Winesicles to most desired locations.

SocialIce will continue to make new friends, participate in great festivals and events, expand to new channels of distribution, introduce new flavors, while also continuously contributing to local and state farmers, Texas wineries, small businesses, and providing the best, all natural ice pops.

Enjoy our Sangria Grape and Mimosa Orange ice pops and just chill with some SocialIce!

New flavors coming soon....